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Satellite broadband enables internet and voice connectivity anywhere on the surface of the planet!

Satellite Broadband Tariffs

Slow internet access can be extremely frustrating, it doesn’t have to be though.

No matter how remote your household or business, our satellite broadband solution provides you with a fast internet connection irrespective of your location.

Join us today!

Work from home, run a business, post to Facebook, stream your favourite movies, or simply check your emails.

Whatever your broadband requirement, wherever you are in Europe, we can help you with our selection of suitable monthly or Pay As You Go Tariffs.

Learn how satellite broadband works

Ka sat coverage map

Get Satellite Broadband In 4 Easy Steps


Confirm the country you want to connect in

We can connect you anywhere in Europe. Confirm your location to view the available tariffs in your area.

Choose your tariff

We offer a range of monthly or Pay As You Go (PAYG) data tariffs, along with rental or outright kit purchase options. If you're unsure about which tariff would be most suitable, simply speak with a member of our support team on live chat or over the phone for guidance.

Choose your extras

Need a wireless router, professional installation, or VOIP package? No problem, simply add the required optional extras as you progress through the checkout process.

Add your delivery and payment details

Nearly there! Tell us where you need the system delivered, what your billing address is, add any relevant promotional codes then settle up.

Satellite Broadband Lite

£14.99/ monthly

  • Download speed 20Mbps
  • Upload speed 2Mbps
  • Allowance 3GB
  • Free £2 voip call time
  • Free 100MB Webspace
  • 1 email account
  • 1-24 months contract

Satellite Broadband Basic

£39.99/ monthly

  • Download speed 20Mbps
  • Upload speed 2Mbps
  • Allowance 10GB
  • Free £5 voip call time
  • Free 500MB Webspace
  • 5 email account
  • 1-24 months contract

Satellite Broadband Business

£59.99/ monthly

  • Download speed 20Mbps
  • Upload speed 2Mbps
  • Allowance 50GB
  • Free £20 voip call time
  • Free 1GB Webspace
  • 20 email account
  • 1-24 months contract

Satellite Broadband FAQs

Satellite broadband enables internet and voice connectivity anywhere on the surface of the planet

Using a small dish on the outside of your property, along with a set-top box inside, we can offer you fast broadband, reliably, wherever you’re located. You can share the service just as you would with wired broadband, using a conventional network or wirelessly, giving your computer or smart phone access to all the latest internet services and feature rich content.

Europasat has brought together under one roof the best satellite broadband services available, and we make it easy for you to get on-line quickly and cheaply even in places where you may have thought fast broadband was impossible.

Because we’re independent and don’t work with just one satellite owner, we can be honest about which satellite based broadband service is best for you.

Don’t think satellite based broadband is fast enough for you? Think again!
Recent advances in technology mean the latest generation services are blisteringly quick. If they weren’t up to the job then they wouldn’t be used by broadcasting customers of ours like the BBC, CNN and Fox News. If they weren’t also very reliable and robust, they wouldn’t be used by the Government and the MoD in hostile environments like Libya and Afghanistan.

The introduction of Ka Band satellite broadband means that as a satellite ISP, we can transit around 10 times as much data across our satellites as we did 5 years ago, for a quarter of the cost. This enables us to bring you a truly fast broadband service wherever you live, for the same price as many terrestrial services.
Advances in technology mean the typical household today consumes significantly more data than a few years ago and this trend isn’t going away. Choosing the right broadband provider to power all your data consuming devices is therefore essential.

If you live in a densely populated area of the UK you’re likely to fall within the 90% of the population which has access to fibre or a reasonable ASDL connection. However, if you live in a rural area, or are in one of the areas where fibre currently isn’t available, then alternative technologies such as satellite broadband provide a great solution for the remaining 10% of households who currently struggle to get a good service. If you choose to go with Europasat, you’ll be in safe hands as we are Europe’s largest provider and trusted by broadcasters such as the BBC and CNN.

We have thousands of happy customers, but there are a few things we like to make customers aware of prior to investing in a system to ensure complete transparency regarding the systems capabilities.
Very rarely but sometimes when there are electrical storms in the vicinity of the satellite hub (varies according to network but for example with Tooway this is in Turin, SES Luxembourg), not your equipment at home. Really extremely heavy rainfall or snow can have a temporary impact locally whilst it’s falling but this degree of occurrence is perhaps a only handful of times per year in the UK.
Yes you can stream anything via your satellite system, just be aware that streaming uses a lot of data and ensure when you sign up that you choose the right tariff to match your households streaming requirements. Should you go over your monthly allowance in any given month, you can always upgrade to a different tariff moving forward or simply purchase volume boosters to top up your allowance as required.

Also, as with any other broadband technology, satellite broadband is a ‘contended’ (or shared) service and therefore at peak times it is possible that if there is great demand for bandwidth, the amount available to you may fall to a level where streaming becomes problematic.
The mobile networks like O2, EE and Vodafone would like you to think that mobile data services are a good option if you can’t get fast broadband over wires at your work or home.

We thought it would be useful to draw up a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of mobile data services like 2, 3 or 4G and outline how they compare to our satellite broadband services, particularly for home users.

Mobile data does have its use…

Principally if you’re on the move and you just want to send and receive email. However the way mobile data works is that when you connect to the network in a particular location, you’re automatically sharing the available bandwidth with all the other mobile users in that cell or location.

Therefore if you’re in an urban or city location, and there are lots of users online at the same time, you’ll find that data speeds are at best unpredictable, particularly at peak network loading times (11.00 am to 11.00 pm).

Mobile phone networks also aren’t very forthcoming on the true extent of their services in many rural locations. Whilst most networks publish coverage maps, what they don’t really say is that in many rural areas there is no mobile data connectivity at all, let alone the new faster services that they’re championing like 4G and LTE.

So if you need to rely on broadband if you regularly work at home and you can’t get the speed you need over wires, satellite is an excellent alternative.
In order to access satellite broadband services you need to have a satellite broadband kit which is all self installable. At Europasat can we supply everything you need to get started in one simple delivery. Depending on your intended usage and where you want to site the kit there may be a couple of other bits and pieces you’d like to consider.

Antenna (or Dish)
This is usually mounted externally on your property, but can also be free-standing or mounted on flat roof if required. Transceiver & Cable

The transceiver is attached to the antenna and the cable supplied is routed into the property to be linked to the satellite modem.

Satellite Modem
This is located in the property and devices such as desktops and laptops can be connected via a cable. You’ll just need to consider where you want to locate your modem and whether you’ll require more than the standard length of cable for the wiring run to the transceiver. Most customers will also wish to access the internet by wireless and we offer a range of suitable routers which will work seamlessly with the satellite system.

VOIP (Optional extra)
In addition to the supplementary antenna mounting and router options, you may also want to take advantage of our telephone service using VOIP technology which is optimised specifically for the high latency around Satellite Broadband. To obtain this service, you would be provided with a VOIP phone which simply connects into a router using an Ethernet cable. This is beneficial for those in rural areas with a lack of telephone services or reception. This will also help slash phone call costs and minimise the amount of data used while making calls.

To see how it all fits together to provide you with high-speed broadband, view our video below.

*Self-installation is perfectly easy if you are handy with a drill and we supply installation videos to help you. However, if you would prefer a professional installation, please selection the option at check out and we will arrange for a local accredited Europasat installer to visit for our standard professional installation charge.
Satellite broadband services are available right across Europe, pretty much wherever you are!

There are really only two controlling factors. Firstly, can you get line of sight to the satellite you want to use, and secondly do you have a power source?

That’s it.

What’s more, we find that it 99% of cases even if line of sight is an issue, we can either relocate the antenna at your property or point to another satellite to get you connected to our high speed services.

At Europasat we work with a number of satellite network providers who provide different zones of coverage across Europe. Depending on your location you may have a choice of up to 3 satellites to link up to. You can rest assured though that whichever satellite you’re pointing at, you will receive the full Europasat service commitment and support.
Satellite broadband as a technology is getting more affordable everyday and performance is improving as the technology matures. To use a system in the UK, currently you’ll need three pieces of kit installed, more on this here, then your chosen monthly tariff or Pay As You Go (PAYG) package.

The monthly fee, as with other broadband providers or mobile phone tariff, is determined by the level of performance you require, data allowance each month, and required upload and download speeds. To get a good idea of what your household will need, please refer to our data usage calculator. Monthly tariff prices in the UK start at £9.99 per month for an entry level package. Our most popular UK tariff, as an example, costs just £1.61 per day and provides adequate data and usage levels for the typical household.

In any given month, should you go over your available data allowance, 1GB volume boosters are available to purchase. If this becomes a common occurrence you can upgrade to a larger tariff at any point.

PAYG options are suited to those who already own the satellite kit, or have lower data usage levels and just need to complete basic web based tasks such as checking email, not streaming movies or videos.

Since we work with a number of satellite providers, based on your location, Europasat are able to connect you to the at the best price to the best performing satellite connection in your country/region. We also guarantee any like for like web deals. If you find the same monthly tariff for less, contact us and we’ll price match it.

View our satellite broadband tariffs in your area.

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