broadband that speaks your language!

There is no small print or special conditions, just great, high-speed Internet access at a competitive price. Join us today!

"BleMobile Broadband has been extremely reliable, much more so than the slower ADSL service I had before. The engineers couldn't have been more helpful during setup. I've never needed to call support as the service has been flawless!" Thomas Sherston

Very happy customer! Changing to BleMobile was easy and stress free. AcropolisOnLine was recommended to me and I would have no hesitation in passing on the recommendation to anyone thinking of changing provider. Thank you! Helen

Free VoIP time!

Talk through your broadband connection.
Make all your UK and International calls and save up to 90% on your telephone bill!

10 Free Addresses

You can setup upto 10 email addresses using our domain name. Each POP3 mailbox can be accessed from your desktop or via webmail. They are complete with free virus and spam filtering.

Price Freeze!

The prices listed on our site may change over time, however we guarantee to maintain the same price you paid upon signing up even if the costs to new customers increase.

Introduce a Friend

For every new customer you introduce to us £10, will be credited to your account!

Bandwidth Guarantee

Not only will we maintain sufficient uncontended network bandwidth to service all our customers at full capacity, we will ensure that we are still able to do so even if one of our Internet connections fails.

IPv4 and IPv6 Support

We fully support IPv6 on our ADSL platform. You can have both a free IPv4 address and a massive /48 IPv6 range at no additional cost. Only when you require additional or static IPv4 addresses do additional fees apply.

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